Finding the best movers is not simple, especially if you don’t even know what are you looking for. That is why we have prepared 10 important questions that you have to ask your local movers. To be quite honest, we have more than 10 questions, but you will see the logic behind it. Ready to find the best movers for your upcoming move? Let’s go!

Determine what kind of service do you need and what you want from local movers

Now, this is not a question, but before you even call local movers, you will have to know what are you looking for. It is not the same if you are moving an office or house. So, what you should do first is gather the information about your move. Local movers will ask you about the size of your home, so make sure to find the square footage if you don’t know it by heart. In case you are moving an office, professional movers will ask you to provide them with the inventory list, so make sure to have one ready to forward to them. Think about additional services that you might need, such as packing assistance or declutter. Why do you need to ask about this? Not every local movers are the same, so some companies might not be able to help you with some services. If you are moving out of the apartment building, make sure to learn if your local movers need to provide your building with the Certificate of insurance. Or if there are some restrictions when it comes to moving. Some buildings allow moving only on weekends or weekdays, and this is valuable information for you to determine what moving day you want to check with your local movers. Speaking of the date, make sure to have one, or at least a range of dates – local movers might have different prices on different days. You have probably heard that weekends might be a bit more expensive because local movers are the busiest on those days.

Ask everything about the price!

Not a specific question, but it is because it includes a couple of questions. So first you want to know is whether your local movers are charging hourly rates or flat rates. When we talk about hourly prices, there is a certain number of minimum hours, so check that too. Most of the local movers will explain this on your own, but just in case… You also need to know what services are included and excluded from the price. Some local movers might charge wardrobe boxes, some others don’t. No matter what is the case, you need to have all the information before booking your move. After that is settled – check if your local movers are charging something additional. Many local movers have different versions of fuel feels, service charges, and similar. Those are usually flat rates that local movers are using to cover some of their expenses, and it is normal. Just make sure you are aware of it. Transparency is the key to finding the best movers. If they are honest about the price – you will feel much safer. 

And don’t be scared, moving doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Affordable movers exist. You just need to dig deeper to find them. 

Can you move my #item…? 

If you think it is not important to mention to your local movers that you have a baby grand piano – you are mistaken! Local movers cannot move everything that comes to your mind, they will always refuse to do something that might jeopardize your belongings or the safety of professional movers. In case you have some items that are not regular household items, such as grand pianos, pool tables, fountains, or similar… Say that to your local movers. Knowing beforehand if your professional movers can or cannot move your items will help you make a better plan and organize your move in a way that doesn’t have any unpleasant surprises. Imagine having your local movers who are saying they cannot move a piano, and you don’t have any other option at that point. Doesn’t sound like a stress-free move? Well, it is not! If your local movers cannot move some items, don’t worry, many specialized professional movers can move specific items. Similar to that – check if your local movers can disconnect or connect back your appliances. Because usually, they cannot. Local movers are not able to do anything more than moving your appliances due to safety reasons. The same goes for mountain or unmounting your TV or anything else hanging on the wall. 

Do you have a weight limit? 

Local movers do have a weight limit for particular items. In case you have something that is on a heavier side, make sure to try to find out what is the weight, so you can check if your local movers can move it. Usually, that limit is around 400 or 450 lbs, so most of the items can be moved. And if something can be disassembled, don’t worry, that doesn’t count as an oversized item. If you have a safe or gun safe, try to find its weight online by model. What you should count on is to have more local movers for heavier items, so that might affect your moving budget too. Take that into consideration when planning the amount of money you are ready to spend on professional movers. 

Is there any problem if I have more than # flights of stairs?

Local movers will appreciate being informed about the long hallways or multiple flights of stairs. Professional movers will usually ask you about this, so they can come to your home prepared. Whenever there are more than two flights of stairs, your local movers will insist to send one additional man to the moving site. The reason behind this is simple – they will have to carry everything you have up or down many flights of stairs. Therefore they will get tired faster, so they would appreciate one spare mover that will help the moving be done faster. You should always trust your local movers when they recommend the number of crew members because they have the experience and knowledge needed to offer the right advice. They know all obstacles that might be on their way when moving your home. And one more thing, always be honest when your local movers ask you about stairs or long hallways. If you are not, when your professional movers arrive at your home, they might refuse to do the move due to lack of preparation. Or the move might take so long, and you will spend way more money than needed.

Are the local movers’ background checked? 

When hiring local movers, you are ready to have a bunch of strangers in your home dealing with your furniture and all the memories you gathered throughout the years. Even though they are strangers, you want them to be reliable. Ask your moving company if they do background checks on their local movers. Every serious company should do this, not only to do a background check of their local movers but the regular drug tests too. When they hire local movers, the companies should also provide training so their employees learn how to do the job their way. After all, when you hire local movers, you cannot choose what crew will arrive at your home. You are putting your trust into the company and its reputation. 

Are you licensed and insured? 

There are numerous professional movers out there, and not all of them are licensed and insured, unfortunately. The moving industry never had the best reputation, but that doesn’t mean there are no quality local movers. There are shady movers, but there are also serious moving companies who care about their clients. That is why you should always hire licensed local movers. Not only licensed professional movers to have the insurance included, but you will have lawful support if they refuse to help you. Most of the local movers have basic coverage insurance included in the price, and they are always okay if you would like to have additional third-party insurance for some of the items or all of them. Hiring an insured moving company will offer you a dose of safety during the move, and you won’t have any headaches and stressful moments along the way. 

What if something gets damaged? 

No one likes to think of the worst, but you should be prepared for it, no matter how uncomfortable might seem to even think about it. Ask your local movers to explain the whole process if something gets damaged or if you feel any comfortless during the move. You should know that you have the right to file a claim for problems that are not only damages. If your local movers are rude or make you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to call back the company to see what they can do for you. How does the claim process look for most professional movers? Something happens during the move and you call back the company to file a claim. A representative of the moving company will ask you to explain what happened and they might ask you to provide some photo evidence of the damages, so make sure to take those before calling. In case you are witnessing the damage being made, you can take a video. After you send that over to your local movers, they will investigate the case further by talking to the moving crew and foreman. After they gather all the information they need to build the case, they will send you an offer on their behalf. You should know that professional movers will never offer full coverage for any damage because you will be notified about the insurance coverage before booking. That is why we always recommend you to get additional insurance for anything too valuable to risk. On the other hand, even though the basic coverage insurance is usually 60 cents per pound, if something more valuable is damaged, professional movers will do their best to give you their best offer. But there are limits of course. 

Do I need to leave the deposit? 

Most of the local movers do require a deposit so you can secure your spot. Don’t think this is shady, this will make you feel safe that they will get to your location. And think about it, the moving company is holding a spot for you, and a day before you decide not to move, and don’t even let them know. They send out the moving crew to learn that you are no longer moving. Local movers will have only the expense and it is not fair. For both parties to be safe and sound, the deposit is the best option. Once you leave your deposit with local movers, they will send you a confirmation email that is proof that you have scheduled them for a certain day and time. This deposit will be applied towards the final bill, so think of it as a downpayment. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

First, I have to say that you should never hire local movers thinking that you will cancel later. Schedule professional movers only when you are sure you want to use them. After you do so, make sure to ask them about the cancellation policy just so you can be prepared if something happens. Life can get difficult, and you might need to reschedule or cancel your local movers, and you want to know what will happen with the deposit. Local movers usually keep the deposit unless you have a good reason to cancel. And you usually have the right to reschedule your move at least two days before the moving day. 

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